Syntec Technology, inc. was established in 1995. We are a professional CNC controller and industrial robot manufacturer. We have been long engaged in the research and development of software and hardware technology for machine tool controllers. Meanwhile, the company is also committed to provide manufacturing companies with complete solutions for factory automation. The industrial robots are used in many application areas, such as material handling, loading, and unloading of machines, palletizing and depalletizing, spot and arc welding. Specific applications include transport industry, food and beverage industry, construction industry, glass industry, foundry and forging industry, wood industry, metal processing and stone processing. Through our commitment in delivering quality products across the market, we have now become the largest CNC controls manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific market along with one-stop smart manufacturing solutions.

We bring to Malaysia, a Great Reputation and Quality Products, derived from decades of Research and Development and a strong dedication to our Customers.

Mysyntec Technology Sdn Bhd is a local branch established in Malaysia back in the year of 2016, aiming to provide local technical supports and after sales service to Syntec users.



Robot Rental 2 products
CNC Controller 7 products
Servo Product 6 products
Cloud System 2 products

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