Rent A Robot


Rent A Robot

The leantc rental program is a short-term loan of equipment for a fixed fee. The duration depends upon your needs and can last a day, week, or month. Any loan can be extended schedule permitting, with 72-hour notice. Our automation experts can help you integrate an industrial robot into your manufacturing process without the long-term commitment or capital costs. we will pack and ship the equipment to your location. Training and set up are available at request.

What is the advantage of a leantec rental?

We understand that most manufacturers are not using the most current technology on their production floor. Leantec wide selection of industrial robots allows us to supply robot generations you are familiar with.

Why Choose Us

01 Best Robots

Our Robots are a perfect fit for any application 

02 Easily Customisable

Choose your robot’s personality and customizize HMI,PLC and etc

03 24x7 Onsite Support

New event capabilities mean that talking robots can be controlled remotely by our Robotics Engineers available for support 24×7.

Our training cells offer a similar advantage. Training on the newest platform offers little benefit when your shop is full of a previous generation. Staff will be trained on the same software and interface they will see in your production lines every day.

Not everyone has a long term need for a robot. Shortage of workers, temporary increases in demand, post-contract inventory builds, or research and development may require robots for short term use. The ability to rent the system for the duration of the need without tying up valuable capital gives you the flexibility to move quickly and use funds for projects better suited.

Need something longer?

We offer long-term leasing and equipment financing through our national recognized partners

  • Capital leasing is similar to a loan; the asset is treated as being owned by the lessee so it stays on the balance sheet. At the end of the term, the customer owns the equipment per the terms of the agreement.
  • A Fair Market Value lease, also known as an operating lease, is probably what comes to mind when you hear the term “lease.” Commonly utilized when someone leases a car, an FMV lease allows the lessee to use the equipment for a pre-arranged time for a fixed monthly payment.


  • Robot deburring
  • Robot handling/Palletizing
  • Robot welding
  • Robot tending


  • Phone Support
  • Additional option - technical support setup 
  • Additional option - Leantec technician on site for programming and technical set up.

Repair & Maintenance:

Leantec includes a warranty on all rentals for any repairs. The customer will be responsible for any physical damage to the robotic system. Please check with your Customer Service representative for warranty details.


Contact us:

Call us today for more information on our rental program options and see if your application is suitable for this program

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