CASE|LEANTEC Robot Arm Automation Processing-Pick and Place

Pick and place is an indispensable part in the traditional processing automation. In the traditional metal processing, loading and unloading workpiece and tool replacement are highly dependent on manual operations, so processing industries have faced the dilemma of increasing labor costs and low production efficiency. Robotic arm pick-and-place and loading-and-unloading make metal processors increase competitiveness by improving equipment and automation processing. LEANTEC robot arms provide complete systematic and intelligent solutions for processing industries, assisting the metal processing industry to transform towards differentiated, high-value products and services to meet the needs of customers.

Under the global industry 4.0 trend, LEANTEC comes into being in response to the high-mix low-volume production mode! As SYNTEC's subsidiary, LEANTEC features robotic arm and cloud as the core competency. Conforming to the ever-changing situation of the global industry, LEANTEC develops multi-functional  intelligent products and application services, which aims at providing complete solutions and realizes the vision of intelligent manufacture and smart factory.

A large-scale hardware manufacturing enterprise located in Zhongshan, China, who specializes in the sales, R&D and production of lock cylinders, covering four categories of ferrules, copper heads, knob. It is one of the largest professional lock cylinder manufacturers in China, and its products are sold all over the world.

Recently, it has become more and more obvious that the hardware manufacturing industry is facing difficulties in recruiting and retaining talents. With labor costs increasing, industrial upgrading is imminent. LEANTEC assists customers in solving their pain points and provides solutions for the long-term development and industrial upgrading.

▍ Customer requirement

● Automatic loading and unloading of lathe machine by robot arm
● Synchronous operation of robot arm and machine to achieve continuous processing for 24/7
● Automatic loading and unloading of irregular workpieces and processing

▍ Solution

● Automatically load and unload by one robot arm to two lathes to realize the harmonious operation of robot arm, machine, and automated silo
● Equipped with high-precision double-head grippers, it can be positioned repeatedly, with high accuracy, stable operation and fast switching
● Dual-station automatic feeder tray with safety protection device to improve equipment utilization rate and processing safety
● The material tray jig can be quickly switched, so that products of various specifications can be processed smoothly
● Equipped with the smart detection function to ensure the safety of operators when intervening in processing
● Optional cloud function with real-time remote monitoring and production line management

▍  Application effect

● Automated robot arms and intelligent equipment minimize the number of operators, which lowers labor costs greatly
● Reduce the impact of human factors on quality to improve product quality and yield
● Enhance production efficiency, so that automated production lines can produce throughout the year
● The introduction of automated production lines further improves the competitiveness

16 Feb 2023