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Taiwan's research and development capabilities are internationally renowned, and its high-tech industry leads the world in technology. Leantec Intelligence is a local Taiwanese brand of industrial robotic arms, boasting a strong team of independent research and development experts who create high-quality products with a commitment to excellence. Its product line includes industrial robotic arms, cloud-based machine networking services, and automation solutions for entire factories and production lines. From research and development to manufacturing, sales, and service, Leantec Intelligence offers a complete supply chain, one-stop integration, and a shared commitment to the new vision of intelligent factories.

Leantec Intelligence is a subsidiary of the Syntec Group, leveraging the group's years of experience in the machine tool industry to create "robotics experts who understand machine tools better."

In today's era of industrial automation, in response to the manufacturing industry's need for small batch production, shortened product lifecycles, low cost, high efficiency, and high productivity, Leantec Intelligence has launched a series of industrial robotic arms. These include stand-alone automation solutions, integration of entire factory and production line automation systems, and customized automation solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of individual customers.

Leantec robotic arms specialize in the metal processing industry, offering comprehensive metal processing automation solutions that cover a range of processes, including material handling, laser processing, welding, loading and unloading, and polishing.

Overall Highlights

  • Reasonable and Affordable Price: Short payback period and high return on investment

  • Excellent Quality: Fast speed, high precision, and good stability. Leantec uses a self-developed core control system and drive technology.

  • Easy to Use: Graphical and Chinese conversational programming method, with a portable handheld teaching box provided.

  • Support for Multiple Communication Protocols: Standard industrial communication networks, including Modbus TCP, RS485, Ethernet, and NetPLC.

  • Support for Secondary Development: Leantec provides a simple and dedicated secondary development tool that does not require the use of high-level programming languages, and offers offline programming tools.

  • Quick Implementation and Easy Application: Leantec provides multiple application modules, eliminating the need for customers to develop complex robotic arm movement paths on their own.

    Industry Application

Lathe Machining Pick and Place Applications.

Tool Grinding Machine Loading and Unloading Applications 

Welding & Laser Industry Applications

Woodworking & Glass Industry Applications


27 Mar 2023