Robot arm + Fronius welding machine can also be rented?

** Do you still use traditional manual methods to do welding in a bad environment?
** In this new era, robotic arm welding is not something new, but have you been discouraged by its ''price''?
** The global economy remains stuck in low gear, we cannot do without the word ''borrow'' in our lives, such as: borrowing money from the bank to buy a house, car, company expansion, etc.
** Have you ever thought about the possibility of ''renting first and then buying'' or ''short-term rental'' for the welding package of robotic arm now?

Have you met someone in the welding business?

-- The amount of one-time investment in automatic robotic arm welding exceeds expectations
-- Difficult to hire people, high salary of relevant technical staff
-- Worried about the high threshold of automatic arm welding technology
-- The quality of manual welding is unstable, and customer complaints are often received
-- I have just received a large number of orders and have to hire a large number of employees, and I am worried that the orders will be interrupted suddenly, causing investment costs to be in vain.
-- The workpiece is difficult to weld, and I am afraid that the welding quality and time will not meet expectations after being introduced into the arm

RENT-AND-BUY or MONTHLY RENT options for automation at the most economical cost.

  • Completely replaced by robotic arms, 24 hours a day, non-stop, not afraid of arm strikes, and no need to look at the faces of employees
  • We are a software and hardware engineering team, we can customize the man-machine interface according to the needs of the workpiece, simplifying the operation method
  • The stability, practicability and cost-effectiveness of the arm welding are absolutely value for money
  • Low cost investment, low risk, create high benefits
  • We will do a simulated arm welding test or sample welding test for free according to the product information


Q : After a few months of renting, I found that I wanted to buy out this welding combination directly?
A : We absolutely encourage you to buy out the product during the rental period, and there will be a standard rebate
Q : What happens if the arm or welding machine fails or is damaged that is not caused by humans?
A : Repair is free of charge (T&C), and the rent during repair or replacement period can be rebated

Why choose us?

  • We are Syntec overseas branch, with a technical team that can customize programs, PLC, and HMI
  • Own control system, with a complete set of operating procedures, and there are spare parts for emergency needs at any time
  • We are partnered with the top brand Fronius in welding industry to ensure that the welding quality is always at the highest level
The entire automatic welding combination includes
1. Leantec Robotic Arm
2. Welding machine FRONIUS TPS320i
3. Welding Station
Remarks: Fixtures, positioning rotating tables and other accessories are charged separately