220-5 series
220-5 series
220-5 series


220-5 series


- Equipped with high-performance main board- Support up to 4 axis group and 5-axis simultaneous machining- RTCP for high precision processing on surfacemore

New design of new generation

New design of physical appearance
Open bus servo communication, support Mechatrolink 3 and Ethercat
Focus on the pursuit of higher confidence level
Provide various products for machine tools

Able to be used with servos applications
Satisfy all of machining needs
SPA2.0(ZPEC) Servo Delay Compensation Level Up

-Enhance the precision of arc and corner
-Improve the path symmetry
-Advance the ability to resist the resonance of machines
Rotation Tool Center Point Feature(RTCP)

Support 3D tool length compensation feature,user only needs to program product in CAM program,controller will automatically implement tool length and wear,and the tool tip will always on the perpendicular against product contour.
Specification Table

220-5 Series
○ Standar - Not Support △ Optional
Model 220MA-5 220MB-5
Axis no. 8(9) 12(16)
DA -
Inclined Plane Process
Max I/O 256/256 (RIO、M3 IO、SRI)
Display 10.4”/15” 10.4”/15"
Servo Serial Bus M3/EtherCAT
Connection Ethernet/RS485/SRI
Multi-Program No. 4

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