SMD Multi-axis Servo Drive
SMD Multi-axis Servo Drive
SMD Multi-axis Servo Drive
SMD Multi-axis Servo Drive
SMD Multi-axis Servo Drive


SMD Multi-axis Servo Drive

- Mechatrolink III as connection Interface -Multiple servo drive specifications choices for diverse applications - Various spindle servo motor specifications - Integrated high-speed serial communication interface - Support multiple servo motor drive functions - New servo tuning tool Syntec Analytics - Multiple application control functions and simple operation interface

The transmission interface is upgraded to Mechatrolink III

-The transmission rate is increased to 100Mbps, and control information (such as motor position, speed, etc.) is transmitted and received at a higher speed -A maximum transmission distance of 100 meters between stations can be achieved without a repeater

Appliance in Different Industries

-Meet various applications of machine tools like lathe, tapping machine, vertical machining center, and engraving machine.
-Servo and motor of -3KW~100W are available to choose to fulfill the needs.
-Supports 24 bits absolute encoder communication interface.
Multiple Expansion Boards are Alternative Shows High-Freedom Expansion Function

-Control system
-General interface
-Multiple encoders interface
Integrate High-Speed Upper Serial Communication Interface

-Integrate Syntec controllers vertically to reach high-speed upper serial communication in total system.
-Host computer integrates servo information and provides the function of monitoring and revising parameters.
-Vertical integration provides high-speed positioning function.
Different Kinds of Applications of Control Function and Concise operating Interface

-Software upgrading, parameters setting, and data retrieving are functions provided.
-Built auto adjustment function.
-Provides several applicants including Bode plot analysis.
New Servo Tuning Tool --Syntec Analytics

- Tuning user-friendly: Include semi-automatic resonance vibration suppression and provide suggested resonance points for suppression Provide encoder installation inspection to ensure accurate feedback and control performance The encoder large-wave compensation function is provided for the non-Syntec’s motors with Syntec’s encoders, to eliminate installation errors Automatic gain tuning: Automatically calculate the best gain parameters by sweeping frequency Can perform three-axis machining file analysis at the same time 2D profile processing analysis, which can simulate the workpiece profile for detailed observation, and provide synthetic velocity/acceleration diagrams to help clarify processing problems

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