Machine Vision
Machine Vision
Machine Vision


Machine Vision

-Widely used in different industries and Syntec controlers
-Provide different kinds of alignment

Conditions Applied Widely and Various Types of Visual Localization

-Situations are applied widely, providing 16 functions including graphics, circle, straight line, and arc curve.
-Setting basic parameters can accomplish visual recognition easily.
-Setting advanced parameters can optimize recognition results based on demands.

Integrate Control System and Machine Vision Perfectly

- It can be linked between machine vision and Syntec system only through Ethernet.
-Syntec controller provides special setting vision to combine coordinate system and aspect ratio and some other information. Control systems were integrated with machine vision perfectly to solve integration problems.
-Several positioning usages include picking-and-placing, glue dispensing, processing, and glass cutting.

High-Precision and High Recognition Rate

-Repeatability precision can be at most 5μ, fulfilling widely positioning demands.
-The recognition rate could be 100% in a stable situation.

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