Controller with Servo Driver Integrated


Controller with Servo Driver Integrated


-Highly integrate with controller, M3 serial driver, and I/O
-All-in-one design without distribution
-Provides motor package solution

M3 Serial Communication Control and Driver Combine Perfectly

Syntec Controller with Servo Driver Integrated equips Mechatrolink-III and 4-axis 1kW servo driver.Absolute encoder can efficiently increase processing smoothness and avoid communication interference. Also, it can prevent the matching problem of driver and controller. Besides, need not find the original point before using. Furthermore, it saves the space of wiring system. It not only built I/O, VGA, and double internet connecters, but also able to expand axis amount through M3.
I/O is Expandable and Supports Various Communication Surface

- Built 32I/32O and 16I/8O contact. Also, it can cascade FC I/O module through Syntec protocol, fulfilling the demands of multiple I/O points.
- Controller with Servo Driver Integrated built various communicate surface, supporting RJ45, RS485, USB, and SRI.
Secondary Development Platform Creates Differentiation

-Syntec ladder diagram and open HMI editor are XCOPY installation
-Syntec ladder diagram supports several functions including online editing, uploading, and downloading. This makes develop more simply
-HMI editor is familiar to Windows editing. This is more user-friendly.
-Drag & drop elements and graphic dialog allow users to edit intuitively.

-Followed CNC system with high-speed, high-precision functions, it supports path interpolation and speed smoothing feature.
-Straight line interpolation synchronized increases running efficient.
-Support corners smoothing to increase the efficiency of pick and place.

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