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Provide a variety of spindle motor series to meet different application needs, special for industry applications

Product Specifications

The maximum rotational speed is up to 24000rpm, and the maximum torque is up to 355Nm. Have KTY84 temperature detection function to get higher protection. Provide 220V, 380V input voltage specification options.

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Syntec Magneti Hollow-type/Hollow-shaft Encoder

  • High resolution serial communication encoder
  • Suitable for applications such as lathe double feedback, semi-closed loop, and electric spindle
  High Solution Serial Communication Encoder
  • General format
  • Install easily
  • Strong and

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  • Support Mechatrolink-III serial communication interface
  • Fulfill Every Application-Works with Various Servo Drivers
  • Integrate High-Speed Upper Serial Communication Interface
  • Supports Multiple Functions of Servo Drivers-New servo tuning tool Syntec Analytics
  • Different Kinds of Applications of Control/ Function and Concise operating

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